PAMM Manager

(Multi Account Manager / Percent Allocation Management Module) MAM / PAMM Software is designed specifically for Money Managers that utilize the Mtrader platform.

This software gives Money Manager the ability to easily send trades from a master account to a sub account from a centralized hub. The reason this software has become popular is due to the flexibility offered from a range of allocation methods; including manual lot size and percentile methods.

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High potential returns
Consistency in returns
Safety of funds
PAMM Manager

If you’re a Fund Manager, Topic markets PAMM program is designed with you in mind. You see, our PAMM program gives you the flexibility you need to maximise your trading portfolio. Manager can attract unlimited number of Investors and Investments worldwide. Trading Strategy will be secure. Can concentrate in market, as marketing is done by us. Profit sharing will be credited to your account automatically. Your Open Trades are not exposed. Want to be a PAMM Manager? Please mail us: